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Richard Sturdevant is a leading expert in photographic artistry and creative composites. His award winning work, style, and techniques have earned him high praise in the photographic industry.  Richard is known for an impressive track record in PPA print competition - receiving 16 prints with a perfect 100 point score in both state, regional and district competitions. He also made history with PPA at SWPPA District competition in September 2010 for the highest print case ever scored in the USA, Receiving a 100 print score on all four of his prints. He is the Grand Imaging Award (GIA) Winner for 2011 and 2012 with best print in PPA

Sturdevants fluid combination of photography with fine art skills stems from his original artistic roots.  Prior to becoming a photographer, Richard made his living as a classic and award-winning artist and also was a national art instructor and a published subject matter expert. Using airbrush and oil, his unique but photorealistic style made for a natural transition to photography.  Today his passion for painting comes alive in his creations of photographic art.

As a photographic artist, Richard received the prestigious title of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Southwest Photographer of the Year with SWPPA, 2009, 2010 and 2012 Texas Photographer of the Year with TPPA and 2008-2010 Dallas Photographer of the Year with DPPA.  He also achieved International Gold and International Platinum Photographer of the Year with PPA in 2007, 2008, then went double Platinum Photographer of the year for Photographic Open and Electronic Imaging in 2010.  This Year he is the 1st photographer to go Double Diamond Photographer of the Year in PPAs International Print Competition two years in a row. From 2005 to 2011, he received 14 Kodak Gallery Awards as well as 15 Fuji Masterpiece Awards. He also received 1st place in the portrait & Group category in the 2010 and 2011 WPPI 16x20 print competition.

Richard owns and operates Sturdevant Studio - a thriving portrait studio in Garland, Texas. He specializes in fine art composites, seniors, families, wedding, and commercial photography. He was featured in Rangefinder magazine August 2006 where his image Durrels Run was featured on the cover. Richard is a member of PPA, ASP, WPPI, TPPA, DPPA and is PPA Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman. He will also be receiving the Master Artist of Photography in New Orleans in Jan 2012.

With over 20 years of experience as a creative artist, Richard brings a unique eye to the world of photographic education. Sharing his knowledge and experience with others in the industry is something that he enjoys. As part of his commitment to helping others learn and succeed, he has launched his own brand of educational materials to photographers, graphic designers, and artists nationwide.  He believes that these materials, known as the Sturdavinci Art Tools, will help fellow professionals, as well as aspiring students, achieve their creative potentials and improve their workflow.

Richard's Courses

  • Elements of a Composite

    Instructors: Richard Sturdevant
    Video: A composite is about bringing disconnected pieces together and connecting them. The finished image looks effortless, but a lot goes into the process. PPA instructor Richard Sturdevant shares his expertise as he guides you, step-by-step, through the elements of a composite.
  • Feel the Light

    Instructors: Richard Sturdevant
    Video: Achieving the perfect light is about combining the science with the art. In this class, PPA Instructor Richard Sturdevant teaches you to blend technical expertise with talent to create drama, emotion and feeling in your images.
  • Photoshop: Background Removal

    Instructors: Richard Sturdevant
    Video: Why spend all day fiddling on the computer when you can get in and get out, and still have an image your client will love? In this concise and informative video class, Richard Sturdevant teaches you the tricks you need to know to easily and efficiently handle background removal in Photoshop.
  • Sports Composites That Sell

    Instructors: Richard Sturdevant
    Webinar: Sports photography is just as competitive a field as all the rest. So if you want to make your images excel—in creativity AND sales—come listen to what Richard Sturdevant has to say. With him, you'll learn to create sport composites that will separate you from the competition and increase sales.
  • Sports Compositions for Efficient Production

    Instructors: Richard Sturdevant
    Video: The art of photography doesn’t just happen in the field; it continues after you close the lens cap. In this information-packed course, PPA Instructor Richard Sturdevant teaches you how to take your post processing technique to the next level! Listen as Richard shares the production must-haves for sports photography—elements to create texture, or motion, depth or drama. You’ll learn how to incorporate text or even flames for customization that looks complicated but takes minutes!
  • Sports Compositions: Quick & Creative

    Instructors: Richard Sturdevant
    Video: Football teams and cheer squads, individual shots and team photos—after a while, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all! So, what do you do to differentiate your products and stand out from the rest? PPA instructor Richard Sturdevant has the answers. Listen as he shares some simple but significant composition tips that will give your clients more options, more creativity and make your products pop!
  • The Making of an Illustrative Composite, Part 1

    Instructors: Richard Sturdevant
    Video: The art of an illustrative composite isn’t just throwing things together; it’s knowing how to take the right pieces and combine them into something better, something greater than the parts. In this course, PPA Instructor Richard Sturdevant shares his expertise on making an illustrative composite, even including tips for competition pieces.
  • The Making of an Illustrative Composite, Part 2

    Instructors: Richard Sturdevant
    Video: Now that you’ve covered the fundamentals of illustrative composites, it’s time to drill down to the details! PPA Instructor Richard Sturdevant walks you through the nuts and bolts of putting it all together. Discuss critical components like depth creation, color palettes, atmosphere, mood and 3-dimensionality of your composites. Go beyond what you see, and explore what it can be!
  • The Making of an Illustrative Composite, Part 3

    Instructors: Richard Sturdevant
    Video: In the final course of this three-part series, Richard Sturdevant tells you how to bring it all together. Some things you'll cover include how to give your image the polishing touches, use more layers to detract from shadow areas, add layers to blend and enhance lighting, and what steps to take to finish the image.
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