Dave Stock

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Dave Stock began his professional career almost 40 years ago as an action sports photographer working for a wide range of commercial and editorial clients. He has shot on assignment for Sports Illustrated, NFL Properties, AT&T and dozens of others, and he was a team photographer for the San Francisco 49ers in the ‘80s. The founder and former CEO of NFL licensee ProLook Inc., Dave has since focused on applying his lessons learned to the challenge of producing exceptional images within the constraints of a high-volume youth sports photo shoot. His company, TeamDSP, has demonstrated that a total dedication to quality and efficiency can lead to higher profits, sustained growth and customer loyalty.


Dave's Courses

  • Setting Yourself Up for Success: Youth Sports Photography

    Instructors: Dave Stock
    Webinar: The growing youth sports photography field is full of great opportunities for the photographer who can consistently produce studio quality light during an efficiently run volume photo shoot. Dave Stock knows this firsthand, and he will share with you what has been working in his business.
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