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M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Steve Kozak is an active member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Texas Professional Photographers Association. Steve has earned the “Master of Photography” and the “Craftsman” degrees from PPA, and is PPA Certified. His work has appeared in the “Loan Collection” at the exhibit by Kodak and Walt Disney World that is held at EPCOT in Orlando, Florida. Professional recognition of his work include the Masterpiece Award from Fuji Film USA.

He is returning for his 13th year at the prestigious Texas School of Professional Photography.  He is also returning for his 10th year to teach at Imaging USA.  He recently taught at Image Explorations in near Victoria, BC, and at the Mid America Institute of Professional Photography (MAIPP).

Steve's articles have been published in Professional Photographer and Texas Professional Photographer magazines.  His motivational and informative programs make him a popular speaker and lecturer on the program circuit.

Steve's Courses

  • CPP: Aperture & F-Stops

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: Join Steve to learn aperture and f-stops as they pertain to the test. You'll get a thorough explanation of aperture functions, f-stops, understanding the relationship of the f-stops, and depth of field.
  • CPP: Color Temperatures

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: Of course it’s easy to see color temperature and explain it, but what about on the CPP exam where you’ll have to relate it to the Kelvin Scale or other technical terms? Steve will review color balance, the Kelvin scale, quality of light, camera icons for correcting and controlling color, and color correction filters.
  • CPP: Exposure

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: Hear from PPA Instructor Steve Kozak about the basics of exposure and light. You’ll go over topics including the Exposure equation, Equivalent and Reciprocal Exposures, and choosing the appropriate exposures for your creative purposes.
  • CPP: ISO & Sunny 16 Rule

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: PPA Instructor Steve Kozak goes over the rule and other topics, including ISO numbers, ISO numbers and their relationships to f-stops and shutter speeds, and lighting patterns and starting exposures.
  • CPP: Inverse Square Law

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: Alas, the rumors about the Inverse Square Law being on the CPP exam are true! Learn about what it is and how to apply it in this video as PPA Instructor Steve Kozak takes you through Inverse Square Law as it relates to the CPP Exam.
  • CPP: Meters

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: PPA Instructor, Steve Kozak takes you through a hands-on study of light meters to help you with your CPP exam studies. You'll learn about using a light meter, understanding meter readings, reflective meters, incident meters, and spot meters!
  • CPP: Shutter Speeds

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: Steve Kozak talks about shutter speeds and their relationship with f-stops and what you’ll need to know about them for the test. He'll cover topics like camera settings for shutter speeds, moving the shutter speed and hand-held speeds.
  • Creative Vision: Composition

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: Steve Kozak boils it down to several key aspects so that your photos have great composition, each time, every time. Do you know the four elements of composition you need to consider for each shoot? Do you know the seven tools used to create more dynamic images? Does the terms “rule of third” or “leading lines” mean anything to you? They should and they will!
  • Equipment Essentials: The Professional Studio

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: Having a professional studio doesn’t mean throwing money at expensive equipment. It’s about having the right equipment and knowing why you need what you do. In this video, Steve Kozak saves you both time and money, explaining what every studio should have. When Steve’s done, you’ll walk away with a list of what you need, and even better, why and when you’ll need it!
  • Fundamentals of Flash

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: Great photography may look impulsive, subjective and purely creative, but any great art is based on fundamentals. This class gives you all the basics about flash that you need so that you can have greater control and creativity in your shoots – and make it look easy!
  • How to Use Your Camera: Focus, Sensor and Lens

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: In this class, Steve gives an easy-to-understand, straightforward overview of your camera, focusing specifically on sensors, making lens selection and choosing focus settings. Whether you’re in the market for a camera or just want to know how to better use what you have, this class is one a good photographer can’t miss!
  • Perfect Exposure: F-Stops and Shutter Speed

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: Steve Kozak gets down and detailed about creating the perfect exposure and shows you how to do it! Learn about F-stops, discuss shutter speeds, examine the depth of field, and more!
  • Perfect Exposure: White Balance and Metering

    Instructors: Steve Kozak
    Video: Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the technical aspects of photography and just focus on the art. But, there are a lot of systematic elements that go into capturing the right picture, especially with lighting and exposure. It’s not always sexy, but it IS essential! In this class, Steve Kozak walks you through the ins and outs of creating the perfect exposure so that you can have perfect pictures!
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