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Mike's Courses

  • Creative Vision: Wireless TTL Flash

    Instructors: Mike Fulton
    Video: On the streets of Atlanta, Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton show you how to master the wireless TTL flash, and in doing so, give yourself more freedom and control during shoots. Filmed in Atlanta’s Little Five Points, this class is the epitome of hustle and bustle, as Cody interacts with the subjects and captures the images while Mike narrates the technical aspects of the shoot.
  • Great Workflow Advice for a Portrait Team

    Instructors: Mike Fulton
    Video: If your business is doing well, a logical next step is expansion; but beware of the growing pains! Prepare your growth by putting structures and processed in place to seamlessly transition incorporate new team members and new opportunity, while maintaining the same level of excellence and service! In this class, Mike and Cody will share how they’ve put together their successful studio team and how they manage workflow.
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