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M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API

Mary Fisk-Taylor has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America since 1999. Along with her business partner, Jamie Hayes, they operate a high-end wedding and portrait business in Richmond, Virginia. Hayes & Fisk the Art of Photography is a home-based studio located on almost one acre of beautiful gardens and they have successfully created one of the most sought after Portrait and Wedding studios in their area.
Mary was named Photographer of the Year in 2007 and has won Best Wedding Album of the Year in Virginia several times. Nationally she has had her albums in the top five. She has won numerous Best in Show awards, Kodak Gallery Awards, Fuji Masterpiece Awards, Loan Collection prints and albums. Mary is also a recipient of the prestigious Virginia Award, which honors photographers for their commitment and dedication to their state association, and the business of professional photography.

Mary's Courses

  • Marketing for the Up-and-Coming Wedding Studio

    Instructors: Mary Fisk-Taylor
    Video: Some photographers assume a bride-to-be is a very easy, emotionally driven target customer – WRONG! A bride-to-be can be a very knowledgeable, discerning prospect, and if you don’t have a marketing game plan, she’ll eat you alive! After this class, you’ll know how to market to her, and if you’re already doing it, you’ll do it better!
  • PPA Charities: Getting Great Sales From Your Event

    Instructors: Mary Fisk-Taylor
    Video: Charitable events like the Family Portrait Month Promotion increase opportunities for photographers to contribute financially to the needs of others through collaboration with PPA Charities. However, these events also provide opportunities for photographers to sell unique products to clients after the shoot, thus increasing profitability during the not-so-busy months of the year. Mary Fisk-Taylor, PPA Charities Board of Trustees member, explains how an intentional sales plan and streamlined session setup can combine to allow photographers to create beautiful, consistent and saleable images.
  • PPA Charities: Simple Posing and Lighting for Family Portrait Month

    Instructors: Mary Fisk-Taylor
    Video: Hosting a great charitable event involves strategic planning, and Mary Fisk-Taylor, PPA Charities Board of Trustees member, shares her essential tips to building a successful Family Portrait Month fundraising event!
  • Pricing Q&A with Mary Fisk-Taylor

    Instructors: Mary Fisk-Taylor
    In the Webinar, Mary Fisk-Taylor discusses and answers questions about Pricing for Success.
  • Products and Packaging: Weddings

    Instructors: Mary Fisk-Taylor
    Video: As a wedding photographer, your moment is the big day when the bride and groom say “I do.” But as a businessperson, you also need to pay attention to the things that your bridal couple will purchase! In this video class, instructor Mary Fisk-Taylor shows you how to create products and packages that go beyond “snapshots” to maximize your sales opportunity.
  • Sales Strategies in Action

    Instructors: Mary Fisk-Taylor
    Video: Just like photography, selling is an art form. Mary will walk you through the art of the sale—from the importance of making it a positive experience to having a well-defined and smooth sales session and strong customer service.
  • Studio Makeover: Creating Sustainable and Successful Marketing Strategies for Any Studio

    Instructors: Mary Fisk-Taylor
    Webinar: Marketing is a crucial business component that requires a targeted approach to planning. Mary Fisk-Taylor understands the value of a focused marketing strategy that appeals to your ideal clients and will reach customers who can help you attain desired sales averages. After all, marketing is only a single slice of the business pie!
  • The Psychology Behind the Sale

    Instructors: Mary Fisk-Taylor
    Video: It’s been said that in sports, success is 90% mental, 10% physical. The photography sales process is not that different in its success factors. Much of the work is in the pre-planning and development so that the actual selling time results in great profits. Mary Fisk-Taylor takes you through the psychology of the sale—that all-important 90% you do before you even try to sell your client.
  • Weddings: Partner Marketing for Success

    Instructors: Mary Fisk-Taylor
    Video: There are so many ways to market your wedding business that it can be overwhelming, but you don’t need to go it alone! In this video class, Mary Fisk-Taylor shares important tips to help you create and cultivate vendor partnerships.
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