Carl Caylor

Instructor Head Shot

M.Photog.Cr., CPP

"If beauty was only skin-deep, every photograph would reveal the same personality.  We create portraits.  An artistic expression that goes past the outer layer, beyond first impressions, and into the abyss of one's defining essence."     - Carl Caylor

Carl is a Kodak Mentor and has been involved with photography for over 20 years. He started his photographic career in the darkroom as a custom printer and technician.  He is PPA Certified, a Master Photographer and a Craftsman with Professional Photographers of America.  He has won numerous national awards for his photography, including 17 PPA Loan Collections and several Kodak Gallery and Fuji Masterpiece Awards.  Having begun his teaching career in 1996, Carl has gained national credibility and is now a favorite instructor at photographic seminars and schools world wide.

Carl prides himself on giving a program that contains useful information rather than just a "show and tell" session.  You will be inspired. You will be reminded of things you already know.  Most importantly, you will learn new, useful ideas that will make you a better artist and a more salable photographer. 

Carl's Courses

  • Avoiding Digital Distress

    Instructors: Carl Caylor
    Video: In today’s digital world, technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy. In this class, PPA Instructor Carl Caylor attacks digital distress head-on. He teaches you how to get it right the first time and have an effective workflow, so technology won’t sink your business!
  • Creating with a Purpose

    Instructors: Carl Caylor
    Video: “We are not taking pictures, we are creating images,” says PPA Instructor Carl Caylor. In this class, you’ll learn exactly how to create an experience for your client, not just a photo. With Carl’s examples and detailed presentation, you’ll never look at portraits as just another shoot. Take this class and take your portrait business to a whole new level!
  • Image Manipulation: Know Your Limits

    Instructors: Carl Caylor
    Video: Watch as Carl Caylor walks you through his steps to touch up a photo – learn the actions that Photoshop can do for you, and the layering processes involved. Equally as important, Carl shows you when enough is enough and how to avoid the technology trap of photography. But this class doesn’t just rely on Photoshop actions to make a great image. Carl emphasizes everything you need to do to get it right the first time, in camera!
  • Lighting on Location for Seniors: Indoors

    Instructors: Carl Caylor
    Video: On location in downtown Atlanta’s historic Georgian Terrace Hotel, Carl walks you through every moment of this senior session. You’ll watch and learn as Carl describes and demonstrates what he looks for in a location and why. Discover lighting techniques like metering and color balance that can make or break your portraits. Learn posing and composition tips that will let your capture the light and your subject in stunning images.
  • Lighting on Location for Seniors: Outdoors

    Instructors: Carl Caylor
    Video: In this fun and fast-paced course, Carl walks you through a Senior shoot in an urban, outdoor setting. Learn how to find locations and settings that really pop. Discuss lighting patterns, composition and other technical aspects that will help you capture the best image in any situation. Discover posing techniques that will make clients look their best.
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