Margaret Bryant

Instructor Head Shot


Margaret Bryant is an award-winning Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman who has been photographing dogs and their people since 1998. She is a multiple PPA Photographer of the Year winner (from the International Photographic Competition) and has images in the PPA Loan and General collections. Her photography reveals the personality of the dogs and the special relationships they have with their humans.

Knowledgeable about dog breeds, dog behavior and dog training, Margaret also understands how to make dogs comfortable, which is essential for this type of photography. When she is not photographing dogs, she is teaching and mentoring photographers about pet photography. Margaret shares her life with Molly, a border collie/sheltie mix, and Sophie, a whippet.

Margaret's Courses

  • How to Talk Dog: Incorporating Dogs into Family & Senior Photography

    Instructors: Margaret Bryant
    Webinar: Millions of people consider dogs valued members of their families. And some of those families are probably your clients. Yes, you take the time to pose the family or the high school senior, but ask yourself: How much time did you spend with the dog? You may be a dog owner and love dogs, but do you really know how to act around a client's dog? Or how to prepare your studio for one?
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