Rachael Boer

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Rachael Boer is a wedding and portrait photographer near Washington, D.C. Rachael is the co-founder of IPS Mastermind, an educational site focusing on business and sales skills for photographers. In her studio, she enjoys giving her clients a luxury experience through in-person sales, and also enjoys teaching other photographers about this business model. Through private coaching, online video training, and speaking at conferences, Rachael strives to help elevate the industry by teaching principles of sound pricing strategy and sales skills. She finds it incredibly rewarding to give business owners the tools they need to increase their income and serve their clients with beautiful printed artwork.

In her own business, Rachael photographs family portraits and weddings with a small team of support staff. Rachael is also mom to four small children, and in her (admittedly little) free time, she plays viola and enjoys spending time with her husband of ten years.You can find her online on her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

Rachael's Courses

  • Reaching Your Goals with In-Person Sales

    Instructors: Dorie Howell, Rachael Boer
    If you’re interested in in- person sales (IPS), but feel overwhelmed or confused by the process, this webinar is for you! Rachael and Dorie will break this topic down into simple, easy- to- understand steps, and help you learn how to transition your business to IPS and find success with this business model. They will cover topics like: -What is IPS? -Common fears and hesitations -How do I start? -Overcoming objections -The transition -Purchasing samples, software, and other tools -How to prepare your clients -Avoiding sticker shock -Setting and enforcing policies -Helping indecisive clients
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