PPA Webinar: Kick Lightroom into Hyper Speed: Maximizing Your Workflow and Efficiency

February 25, 2014 – 2 pm ET
With Dave Doeppel
Skill Level(s): All
FREE for PPA Members and Non-Members
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Dave Doeppel has spent the past three years learning as much as possible about Lightroom, and last year became an Adobe certified expert. Combining his IT background with Lightroom training has been key to his business—from protecting data to speeding up their workflow.

In this course, Dave will share tried and true techniques like:

  • Proper import procedures. Never lose an image!
  • How to speed up your culling/selecting with survey mode
  • Using smart collections
  • Syncing in the develop module
  • Exporting and publish services

You'll get all you need to know about Lightroom and more!

Dave DoeppelAbout Dave:  
Adobe Certified Expert, Dave Doeppel, is a photographer, filmmaker, musician, IT Director, biker, boater, mentor and techno geek.

Dave's photography journey began back in junior high where he learned to roll film, develop and enlarge photos in the darkroom. He toyed with photography and got into computer graphics somewhere in the early 90s. He started learning CorelDraw and was soon running a local CorelDraw user group and wrote technical articles for the CorelDraw Journal. This was where he really fell in love with teaching others.

Then came digital cameras. Dave bought his wife, Regina, a Canon Digital Rebel for a wedding present in 2004 and has been upgrading their arsenal ever since. In 2010, they shot their first wedding and have broadened their portfolio to include portrait, landscape, seniors and more. In 2013, Dave became an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom and now mentors all over the country.

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