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Groups - How to Corral and Shoot Big Groups
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Course #LA01
Danny Izzo, CPP

Large group sessions can make even a good photographer stress. But after this class, you'll be better than good; you'll be great!  

Instructor Danny Izzo shares his secrets for managing large groups – and when he says large, he's talking 50+ people! Listen as he walks you through how to manage, arrange and expertly photograph this kind of crowd. Learn about the lighting, the posing, composition and more. Stop settling for a mediocre crowd shot and start producing group portraits that your clients will love and, even better, buy!

For results that wow, this is the class for you!

Course Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Course Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Items to Bring: Note pad, pencil, and an open, questioning mind.

nouveau photeau
1027 Coolidge Boulevard
Lafayette, LA 70503

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Intermediate Studio Lighting
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Course #LA02
Phillip Colwart, Cr.Photog.,CPP 
Joel Treadwell

It’s time to go beyond the basics and start doing more!  Take your game to the next level as you spend the day perfecting your studio lighting skills.

Focus on studio techniques like broad and short lighting, selective focus and corrective lighting.  You’ll discuss aspects from CPP mandatory images such as high and low key lighting, posing, ratios and color harmony.  After a morning of discussion and instruction, head outside and put your on-location skills to the test.  Additive and subtractive lighting, achieving accurate color balance, simple off camera flash techniques -- you’ll cover it all!  Before the day is done, you’ll even have some Lightroom and Photoshop time as you handle post-processing workflow, preparing images for the CPP review.

This class is for those who want to do more – step up to the challenge!   

Course Date: Monday, October 10, 2016

Course Hours: 9am - 5pm

Items to Bring: Camera and portrait lens, notebook and pen. Flash meter and portfolio for critique optional.

Phillip Colwart Photography, Hammond, LA
42546 Robinwood Drive
Hammond, LA 70403

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So You Aspire To Be A Photographer?
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Course #LA03
Robert Brown 
Srdjan Marjanovic

If you’re ready to move from hobbyist to professional, this day is about you!  First, get comfortable with your equipment as Instructor Robert Brown walks you through the basics of your DSLR camera, what it does and what you can do with it.  You’ll discuss various shooting techniques, what to use when and why.

Then delve into the process of “going pro.”  Take advantage of the expertise, the experience and yes – even the mistakes – of someone who’s been there before.  The process of becoming a photographer can get a little bumpy.  Take this course and make a smooth path for yourself!   

Course Date: Saturday, October 8, 2016

Course Hours: 9am - 5pm

Items to Bring: Note-taking materials Laptops, ipads, DSLR camera if you have one. Also bring your questions and sample work for critiques.

African American Heritage Museum
1051 Chenault Park Road
Monroe, LA 71203

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