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Ramp It Up: Better Images and Higher Sales! Lighting & Sales with the Haugens!
Register on location, space permitting (contact instructor)

Course #OR01
Miriam Haugen, M.Photog.
R. Neil Haugen, M.Photog.

Spend a day in an intimate studio setting with nationally renowned master photographers, Neil and Miriam Haugen and take your photography and income to the next level. Start the day with Neil's basic approach to studio (controlled) lighting: learn how to understand light so that you can build and control the Look you want in any way you want...and know the camera will record what you want it to!

Not comfortable with your income? Unsure about how to get clients into the studio for a carefully guided and friendly purchasing session, rather than a cold and unfriendly web-purchase site? Uncomfortable with sales programs? Miriam will walk you through in-person portrait sales from beginning to end: the thoughtful approach to caring for your clients, to the things to say and do, and of course, the tools to use.

Course Date: Thursday, October 12, 2017

Course Hours: 9:30am - 4pm

Items to Bring: a sack lunch/snacks, money for lunch

Haugen's Galleri Portrait Studio
275 Main St. E.
Monmouth, OR

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