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Studio on a Shoestring Budget: Site Based or On the Road
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Course #TN03
Gena Tussey, M.Photog., CPP

When starting out as a photographer in the studio or on-the road, the ability to adapt to the ever changing needs of clients either results in staying on top of your game or out going of business. Whether your business is in a small room of your home or a in store front studio, photographers often purchase new toys even though they do not have enough space to fit it in! Instructor Gena Tussey is a self proclaimed prop hoarder, innovator of "Studio in a Box" for HS Seniors and all around bargain hunter whostarted in the high school senior on location business through a major photographic company. However, when Gena began carrying bits and pieces in a small bag, that grew into a suitcase and soon a car load of props, extra equipment, she took her pocketful of new ideas began helping other photographers create their own "a studio in a box." This concept is for the group incorporating, multi-tasking equipment that turns an everyday senior shoot into a well staged, appointed a 12x12 foot space or less. Learn how simple additions and smart shopping can help give even a small area  the look a full studio, keeping it cheap, packing it tight, and carrying it with you where ever your imagination takes you.

Course Date: Sunday, May 14, 2017

Course Hours: 1pm - 8pm

Items to Bring: a sack lunch/snacks, money for lunch, Note taking tools, a  camera, and a sense of humor

Station House Photography
105 N. Court St.
Maryville, TN

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