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Outdoor Portraits Using Off Camera Flash (OCF)
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Course #CO01
Charles Schinner

Discover the magic of off-camera flash! In this class, you'll go beyond exposure and learn how to use your flash – and a myriad of other sources - to create dynamic lighting in your outdoor portraits.   Explore and experiment using studio strobes and speedlights, reflectors and softboxes, umbrellas and more. Learn how to create spectacular photos while balancing multiple light sources!

Best of all, this class isn't just about watching – it's about doing! You'll encounter both the best and worst times for outdoor lighting, so you'll learn and practice the different lighting techniques and tools with a live model. You'll even see a demo using the Pixel Stick for light painting backgrounds and strobes. If you're a beginning professional who's looking to really perfect your outdoor lighting techniques, then you'll love this class. It's positively illuminating!

Note: PocketWizard remotes & speed lights will be geared to Nikon equipment. If using another brand, please feel free to bring your equipment. Students should have a working knowledge of their camera's manual mode (aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings). 

Course Date: Sunday, May 15, 2016

Course Hours:
1pm - 8pm

Items to Bring:
Demonstration session will be held outdoors with a model. Bring equipment for portraits (DSLR and appropriate lens(es)). Will have reflectors & lighting equipment and Nikon based flash triggers available for use. Water, comfortable walking shoes, a sack lunch/snacks or money for lunch

Eastman Park - Meet at the cabana
Eastman Park Dr & 7th Street
Windsor, CO 80550

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