PPA Webinar :: Show Me the Sales

Show Me the Sales

Recorded April 3, 2012 - 2pm ET
With Rachel Marten, Cr.Photog.

Do you want to bring in top-dollar sales? Come learn how Rachel does that with Clark Marten Photography's senior portraits. She'll show you how getting a top sales average is all about the system. It's not about hard sales or an expert salesperson. Rather, it's about unlocking the mystery of using emotion, control, and suggestion to overcome all obstacles…allowing you to maximize each sale.

About Rachel:

Rachel MartenRachel Marten, Cr.Photog., is the example of doing what needs to be done. She and her husband, Clark, come from a strong agricultural background. As they pursued Clark's passion of photography, Rachel found that the art of photography was totally different from the business of photography.  Pushed into a corner to create a life for her family, Rachel sought out the people and the "know-how" to take action, to be successful in this industry. Today, she and Clark run one of the highest sales per capita studios in the nation.


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