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*October 25-27, 2014
Professional Photographers of California, Camp Certification
El Segundo, CA
Instructor: Marcy Dugan
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PPA Headquarters
November 3-5, 2014 CPP Exam Prep: $299
November 6, 2014 CPP Image Submission Prep: $50
Atlanta, GA
Instructor: Eric Richards
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Hotel Information:
265 Peachtree Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA
Telephone: (404) 477-1234

Room rate: $119 per night plus tax includes free in room wireless internet.

Reservations can be made by clicking the following online link at https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=11761019
Or by calling central reservations at 1-888-421-1442 and referring to CPP Prep Class.

The hotel is located next door to the PPA Headquarters and accessible via walkway from the hotel to the International Building at Peachtree Center.

Imaging USA
January 29-31, 2015
Nashville, TN
Instructor Class A: Al Audleman assisted by Cris Duncan
Instructor Class B: Gary and Kathy Meek assisted by Jeff Gulle
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January 24-26, 2015
Triangle Photographers Association
Pittsburgh, PA
Instructor: Al Audleman
For registration information please contact Bill Penberthy

*Indicates a PPA Affiliate School - These immersive schools of photography typically provide photographers with educational ops on a statewide or regional basis during one week of the year…and they are a handy way to befriend your fellow photographers. Please contact each school directly for registration and conference information.  

What is Certification?

Planning to take the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) exam? Before you do, why not take this 3-day intensive class, covering all the technical topics on the exam? You'll gain a better technical knowledge of photography, which probably means a more peaceful sleep before the exam!

This Certification Prep Class isn't for the faint of heart– it's an in-depth study of the technical side of photography almost equivalent to a semester of college! You'll work hard and study hard, but you'll also walk away a more polished, knowledgeable, confident professional. Topics include:

  • The Inverse Square Law, Filter Factors, Bellows Factor
  • Lenses and Filters
  • Color Theory and H&D Curves
  • Lighting Ratios, Corrective Lighting and Posing, Depth of Field, Angle of View
  • The Zone System (and how it helps you understand the digital histogram)
  • Difference between a Bit, a Byte and Bit Depth
  • And much more – You can even choose to take the CPP exam* directly after the class while the information is fresh in your mind!

See why we say it's tough work but worth it? Register today to cram for your exam!

*Taking the CPP exam directly after this class is optional. But if you wish to take it, you must first declare your CPP candidacy and register for that exam. Complete details on taking the CPP exam can be found on the CPP Pathway page.

To learn more about the Certified Professional Photographer Program, visit www.ppa.com/cpp

What is Certification?

The Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) program is recognized throughout the industry as a mark of excellence. Certification assures others of a photographer's knowledge, experience and continuance to develop new skills and techniques. It is a declaration of your professional competence!

Mark yourself as a true professional with certification!

  Why be a Certified Professional Photographer?

Studies show that certification is the most widely recognized consumer credential—it is a sign that one is an authority in the field. Consumers may not know a lot about professional photography, but they know that certification should ensure professional-quality goods and services.

That's why clients in every industry seek out credentialed professionals. A Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation offers clients an assurance of quality, technical skill and artistic expertise.

For more information, please visit: ppa.com/cpp

  Why take your Certification Class through PPA?

Taught by top industry professionals, our prep classes give you the education to help pass the test and learn additional aspects of the photography business. You will receive personal insights on your technical and artistic competency, the CPP image submissions and the business of photography.

This class promises to be one of the most intense and rewarding photographic learning experiences you'll ever encounter.

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