PPA Webinar: Budgeting for Success

Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 2pm ET
With Lindsay Betz
Skill Level(s): ALL
FREE for ALL Photographers
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Budgeting has wrongly earned a negative connotation, yet it's the essential tool every photographer and family needs to bring their dreams, goals, and values to life. Lindsay Betz will cover the "how" and "why" for budgeting and make it a simple, exciting (and even creative!) endeavor. This content is relevant for both the seasoned business owner with retail space and employees as well as for the solo photographer who wears all the hats. Budgeting - in both your business and family - creates sustainability and maximizes profitability. Learn why attention to your finances and intentionality need to be a focus for your photography business. My heart is for your business to do more than survive...budgeting holds the key to thriving.

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