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Try a Free PPAedu Video, PPAedu, Techniques for PhotographersPPAedu is not your typical one-size-fits-all program. You get a truly personalized program with business and photography technique courses, available 24/7.


PPAedu is your latest membership benefit! Start creating your tailor-made program now by answering a series of questions about your business. Or, you can answer the questions later and begin watching and browsing online courses by topic or instructor now!


Online Education Library

Browse more than 350 HD on-demand videos by topic or instructor on various business and technique subjects.


PPA Business

Learn how attending a Business Workshop or a consultation with one of our mentors can help your business.


Live Learning

Attend one of PPAedu's live education events, including Super 1 Day Workshops and the Live Webinars.


Professional Development

Find out how becoming a Certified Professional Photographer or earning a PPA degree can help you and your business.


Upcoming Educational Courses

  • October 15, 2015 - Photoshop Interface: Fundamentals of Navigating Photoshop

    Live webinar at 2 pm EST. Many Photoshop users learn this software by just installing it and clicking their way through trial and error. Join Rob Behm as he gives you a tour of the Photoshop layout and explains how the different elements work together. This basic knowledge can often result in time saving techniques and improving your workflow!

  • October 22, 2015 - Safety First: Photography Near Tracks and Trains

    Live webinar at 2pm EST. Explore how to keep photographers and their clients safe when train tracks are part of the desired shot. PPA is partnering with Operation Lifesaver, Inc., the nation’s rail safety education organization, to address this very popular topic among photographer and safety groups.

  • November 3, 2015 - Photoshop Selections: Success with Selections 101

    Live webinar at 2 pm EST. Making selections in Photoshop is fundamental to hundreds of image manipulations that photographers use today. Rob Behm will show you the way to success from basic to advanced selections in this interactive webinar.

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