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May 2016

CPP Exam – Image Submission Update

The April image submission for the CPP exam closed with 53 total portfolios submitted with the final portfolio breakdown being 27 Accepted/26 Rejected. That means that there are now 27 new members to the Certified Professional Photographer in our community since May 5! Take a look at our latest CPPs to see if there are any in your area.

Thank you to all of the liaisons who volunteered their time and expertise to mentor the candidates who submitted this round! The next Image Submission period is June 3-17!

CPP Online Exam

On April 25, 2016, PPA announced that candidates can now choose to take the CPP Exam online via remote proctor! We have already had a few candidates sign up for this option. We are excited about this new feature, as it represents an opportunity to reach more candidates who may not have a liaison nearby to proctor an in-person exam.

This option is also available to current CPPs who are up for renewal but do not have the required 15 Continuing Education Units to be eligible for recertification.

Learn more about PPA's New CPP Online Exam experience here.

Upcoming Exam Prep Classes

Attending a CPP prep class is a great opportunity for candidates to prepare for the exam, ease their anxieties, and network with each other. Let your candidates know about the upcoming exam prep classes being offered throughout the U.S.:

  • East Coast School, Raleigh, NC (June 12 – 15)
  • Florida School, Daytona Beach, FL (June 12 – 15)
  • Winona School, Winona Lake, IN (June 20 – 23)
  • Texas PPA Summerfest, Conroe, TX (June 27)
  • PPA Headquarters, Atlanta, GA (July 18 – 21)

IPC Entries Open May 23!

It's time to gear up for this year's big photographic competition. Entries open for the International Photographic Competition on May 23! IPC is a great way to support the photographic community while working toward improving your skills, especially if you sign up for image critiques!

Imaging USA Registration is Open!

Registration is now open for Imaging USA 2017! Are you ready for San Antonio, TX next year, January 8-10, 2017? Be sure to lock in the early bird rates before December 8, 2016. Plan ahead by booking your hotel room via our new "one stop shop" reservation page. You can also join theLoop community to find a roommate!

Let PPA Be Your Shield: Be More Protected

Members of PPA have a virtual suit-of-armor surrounding them, allowing them to perform better, be more protected and be better prepared. It's the PPA Shield, and it has you covered on all sides. PPA's protection benefits include various forms of insurance, advocacy and education:

Learn about all of these benefits here.

Share the Goods!
Have you done something noteworthy to promote, educate and/or encourage your peers about certification? Let us know! We are always looking for ways to help CPPs gain visibility, so please connect with Julia Boyd, director of certification at PPA to share your story. You can email Julia at or call 404.522.8600 ext. 254.

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