January/February 2014 CPP Liaison Newsletter

January/February 2014

Happy 2014! We know it's a month late but what an exciting, crazy month January was. Thanks to everyone who came to Imaging USA in sunny Phoenix! We had a blast and are excited to continue the fun in to 2014. For those who missed the Liaison meeting at Imaging USA please review the Liaison PowerPoint below for some reminders about the duties and responsibilities of being a CPP Liaison. Also, feel free to download the new CPP PowerPoint in your CPP Liaisons Toolkit to help educate others on the value and process of Certification for professional photographers!

2014 is going to be a great year for the Certification program and you all are a big part of that!

How to Order the CPP Award
As a CPP Liaison, you can order the CPP Award for a state, regional, or district PPA image competition. This award is given to the Certified Professional Photographer who receives the highest print score during a state or regional annual competition. Please use the CPP Award Order Form to place the order. 

CPP Candidate Community on theLoop
We have launched a brand-new community on theLoop dedicated to CPP Candidates. This community brings CPP candidates together with one another, as well as CPP Liaisons and CPP Judges. This will be a place candidates can ask questions, get help and connect! We encourage all CPP Liaisons to actively participate in this community and Be More Involved!

CPP Liaison PowerPoint
Brush up on what being a Certification Liaison is all about and see how you can help CPP candidates and current CPPs thanks to this presentation. 

How to Schedule and/or Proctor a CPP Exam
Certification Liaisons must proctor one CPP certification exam per year in their area.

Schedule your CPP Exam using this form. Please remember that we do require Liaisons to schedule their exams at least 60 days from the exam date to ensure ample time for all interested candidates to register.

Once you submit a date to proctor a certification exam, you are required to be present at the scheduled time and place regardless of the number of registered candidates. A few days before the scheduled exam, a packet will be shipped to you. The packet will include sealed exams (only for registered candidates) and a pre-paid return shipping envelope. Instructions for the administration of the actual exam are included in the packet.

After proctoring the exam, return all exams (used and unopened alike). All candidates will be notified of their results by certification staff via email. 

Image Submission
Below is the 2014 Image Submission calendar. Registration will open approximately two weeks before the deadline. Candidates may upload images at any time during the two week window, but must upload all images before the deadline to be eligible for judging. If candidates have questions about the Image Submission processes please have them email cppmailbox@ppa.com

  • Feb. 7, 12pm ET - Feb. 21, 12pm ET
  • Apr. 4, 12pm ET - Apr. 18, 12pm ET
  • Jun. 6, 12pm ET - Jun. 20 12pm ET
  • Aug. 1, 12pm ET - Aug, 15, 12pm ET
  • Oct. 3, 12pm ET - Oct. 17, 12pm ET

Program Update - Recertification
In addition to earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for face to face education CPPs can now also earn CEUs for teaching or speaking seminars, workshops and events. Review the table below to see the breakdown of *CEUs CPPs can earn for teaching or speaking.

Here's the point structure for CEUs earned for teaching or speaking at a seminar, workshop or event: 

  • 5 units = teaching or speaking at any PPA affiliated seminar/workshop lasting 3 or more days
  • 3 units = teaching or speaking at any PPA affiliated seminar/workshop lasting 2 or more days
  • 1 unit = teaching or speaking at any PPA affiliated seminar/workshop lasting 1 day or less

*A max of 5 CEUs for teaching or speaking at any PPA affiliated seminar/workshop may be used toward the 15 CEUs required for Recertification

Also, new in 2014, International CPPs will receive 8 CEUs for attending their national convention of at least 3 days.

For more information on Re-Certification please visit ppa.com/cpp

Have any CPP Stories or Tips to Share?
Have you done something noteworthy to promote, educate and/or encourage your peers about Certification? Let us know! We are always looking for ways to help CPPs gain visibility, so please connect with Julia Boyd, senior manager of certification at PPA Headquarters to share your story. You can email Julia at jboyd@PPA.com or call 404.522.8600 ext. 254.

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