October 2013 CPP Liaison Newsletter

October 2013

Liaison Spotlight
Oregon Liaison Sam Tarrell, CPP

What have you done within your local area to promote CPP?

The local affiliate here, the Portland Metropolitan Photographer's Association (PMPA), has been a huge support for the CPP program. PMPA will host an informational seminar in which I will give an "Introduction to CPP" that will be offered to their members and non-members for free. From there I will host a three week study group leading up to the CPP exam that I will be administering. We have had great interest in the seminar and from people planning to take the test in December, so hopefully this will lead to us being able to double the number of current CPPs in the state of Oregon within the next year!

Read more about Sam's thoughts on the CPP program and why he enjoys being a CPP Liaison here.

CPP Guidelines
Social Media Tips

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when you are browsing social media!

  1. Do encourage & support
  2. Do not 'highjack' a post as your own personal soapbox.
  3. Do comment constructively when asked.
  4. Do avoid 'ego' banter. There is no need to prove how smart or 'better than' you are. We all are and have been in different places throughout our career. No ONE is better than anyone else. Everyone has something to offer.
  5. Do be the ripple of genuine 'positivity' on a site. Critique and even conflict can be stated in such a way to leave a positive effect.
  6. Do not ever attack another's character on social media. If someone makes you angry on a site and you just have to write it out. Do it offline and don't post it anywhere. Walk away and read it later. You may be thankful to have the foresight to wait! NEVER post in anger.

CPP at Imaging USA 2014
We are featuring a brand new CPP-only program at Imaging USA 2014! Please join us Monday, January 13th from 10 to 11:30AM for Focus on the Future with 20/20 Vision presented by, Steve Kozak, M.Photog.Cr., CPP!

Earning your CPP is the first step to set yourself apart from the competition in the very crowded landscape of professional photography, but it doesn't stop there! In this CPP-only program, Steve challenges the photographer to create a career that is built by design rather than by default. By expanding upon the sound principles of a "4-Wheel Drive" business, Steve will share his insights and experience to help you to determine the direction of your business and defining your career.

Read more about Steve's program and other event highlights at Imaging USA by visiting imagingusa.org!

Hope to see you all there! Also, remember the CPP Liaison meeting will take place Tuesday, January 14th from 3:30-4:45PM. Room location TBA.

More at Imaging USA 2014
Want to give back a little at Imaging USA? Sign up to be a Student Photographic Society (SPS) Portfolio review mentor! Help us prepare our future professional photographers for the next level. Their journey has just begun; let's lead them towards the path of success. We are asking for two hours of your expertise on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 from 9AM-11AM. Please fill out this form to sign up! We'll be sending you additional information regarding the Student Portfolio Review closer to Imaging USA.

Share your CPP!
We are creating a new marketing piece for CPP and want to see your CPP swag! If you have images with your CPP pin, sticker, decal, gold tube, certificate etc… please send them in! Simply fill out this form and upload your image! Thanks CPPs!

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