September 2013 CPP Liaisons Newsletter

September 2013

Liaison Spotlight
Meet Georgia Liaison Tracy Page, CPP, owner of Babycake Studios and one of the top headshot photographers in the Southeast for talent. As a graduate in Fine Art, Advertising and Graphic Design Tracy’s CPP journey has been a natural progression of a true artist, however, it was not until she began the CPP process that she realized one of her most valuable resources would be meeting her CPP Liaison! Read more about Tracy's CPP journey here.

Tracy's passion is photographing actors and the most important part of her sessions is making a connection.

"The most common comment that I hear about my photography is that I can capture the spirit or soul of the people I capture from children to adults. I have some unique advantages in doing this that I think most photographers never have."

CPP Program Update
PPA officially launched the Certification Amnesty Campaign on September 5, 2013. This campaign invites those previously Certified back into the program to not only strengthen the program but also enhance its' visibility.

The Certification program has undergone a major transformation in 2013. A new microsite launched this summer as well as additional marketing, social media and video resources geared towards CPPs. The aim of the Amnesty Campaign is to help past Certifieds and new to use and leverage the benefits, new tools and resources provided. As the number of Certified Professional Photographers grows the more aware consumers will become of the need to hire CPPs!

Remember, only those of you who were previously Certified will be invited back to experience the new updates to the program. Everyone who opts in to the Amnesty campaign will have the opportunity to recertify in three years when their Certification is up for renewal. Our goal at PPA is to help you be more! Holding your CPP designation can help you do that. For more information, simply connect with your CPP team at PPA at or 888-772-2780.

Upcoming CPP Prep Classes
Spread the word! PPA Headquarters will host the next CPP Prep Class in Atlanta, GA, October 21-23, with an optional Image Submission Prep Class October 24. After Atlanta, the next the CPP Prep Class will be held in Phoenix, AZ during Imaging USA, January 9-11, 2014! Registration for this class is already open.

CPP at Imaging USA 2014
The CPP Liaison meeting at Imaging USA 2014 in Phoenix, AZ will be held Tuesday, January 14th from 3:30pm-4:45pm. In this meeting we will cover CPP Liaison responsibilities, discuss goals and answer any questions about the upcoming year. We hope to see you all there!

Have any CPP Stories or Tips to share?
Have you done something noteworthy in the industry to promote, educate and/or encourage your peers about Certification? Let us know! We are looking for ways to help CPPs gain visibility, so don't hesitate to contact Julia Boyd, senior manager of certification at PPA Headquarters at to share your story.

Keep up your good work and inspiration in Photography! Until next month, make it count, be more.

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