Liaison Spotlight October 2013

Sam Tarrell, CPP

What have you done within your local area to promote CPP?

The local affiliate here, the Portland Metropolitan Photographer’s Association (PMPA), has been a huge support for the CPP program. PMPA will host an informational seminar in which I will give an "Introduction to CPP" that will be offered to their members and non-members for free. From there I will host a three week study group leading up to the CPP exam that I will be administering. We have had great interest in the seminar and from people planning to take the test in December, so hopefully this will lead to us being able to double the number of current CPPs in the state of Oregon within the next year!

For me, CPP is a way for photographers to have a baseline standard of knowledge and technical ability that is widely lost among the self-taught photographers that saturate the market these days. Before YouTube and the internet, you had to go to school to learn about photography. Through that process, you would study the basic principles of art and composition. Today, information is much more accessible, but that doesn't mean people know what information they need, or how to apply it. The CPP program is a way for photographers to take the information they may (or may not) have gained through other mediums, and learn how to turn that information into applicable knowledge. Once they do, their potential as photographers and artists will increase exponentially!

Why do you enjoy being a CPP liaison?

I enjoy being a CPP liaison because there is a startling lack of awareness about CPP in my region of the country. I enjoy educating people about the CPP process, and more importantly the benefits! There is not only the personal growth they will see as photographers, but the benefits to their clients and to the photographic industry as a whole.

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