August 2013 CPP Liaison Newsletter

August 2013

Liaison Spotlight
Texas CPP Liaison, Francie Baltazar Stonestreet, CPP, is an avid supporter of Certification and recently was the featured presenter for the The Secrets to Earning Your CPP webinar! The live webinar had 95 attendees—the second largest webinar audience this year!

"I became a CPP Liaison because I believe it is vital to give back to the profession. In an ideal world, CPP would be the gold standard for photographers. By speaking to local guilds, mentoring groups and participating in CPP Candidate Facebook groups, it gives me an opportunity to be an advocate for CPP and to explore my dream of every professional photographer being Certified."

In addition to hosting webinars and speaking to local groups about the process and benefits of becoming Certified, Francie spends a good deal of her free time administering a Facebook group for candidates going through the Image Submission process. A good number of candidates have enjoyed success with image submission through the mentoring of Francie and her network of co-administrators.

Liaisons are the BEST Promoters for Certification
As PPA Certification Liaisons, you are the arms of the certification program. Our continued success depends on YOU! So help get the word out! The more Certified Photographers we have in our industry, the more consumers will begin to recognize the benefits of hiring a CPP. We need all of you liaisons to do your part to promote and encourage the program.

Our CPP Candidates need you too. PPA and the Certification Committee often encourage candidates to reach out to their local or state CPP Liaison for advice and direction. We understand your time is valuable, but volunteering to mentor a candidate could make the difference in the success of their CPP Candidacy and possibly their career. As a liaison, you are the best possible mentor for a CPP Candidate, so be ready for questions and have the answers readily accessible.

5 Ways to Encourage Certification:

  1. Mentor a CPP Candidate through the process
  2. Speak at a local guild or club about Certification
  3. Proctor MULTIPLE exams per year (You can proctor outside of your local or state affiliate)
  4. Promote the exams you proctor
  5. Build a network of CPP Mentors

New PPA Membership Requirement for CPPs in 2014
Starting January 1, 2014, all CPPs will be required to be PPA Members in order to keep their CPP designation. But if you are a professional photographer, PPA is the place to be! In fact, approximately 90% of CPPs are already PPA Members! Look out for emails later this month to let all CPPs know about this program update. Non-Member CPPs will have until January 1, 2014, to join PPA and keep their CPP designation. With all the resources available to CPPs and PPA members, it actually costs you more to do photography on your own. Join PPA and be more! Any questions about this update can be directed to Julia Boyd, senior manager of certification, at

Have you done something noteworthy in the industry to promote, educate and/or encourage your peers about Certification? Let us know! Contact Julia Boyd, senior manager of certification at PPA Headquarters at

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