CPP Liaison News March 2017

March 2017

Welcome New Certified Professional Photographers!

We are pleased to welcome 30 new members to the Certified Professional Photographer community after the February Image Submission! Take a look at our latest CPPs to see if there are any in your area.

Thank you to all of the liaisons who volunteered their time and expertise to mentor the candidates who submitted this round! The next Image Submission period is March 31 - April 14.

Why Continuing Education?

Continuing education is more than just a requirement for re-certification. It is also the best way for photographers to keep abreast of changes in the industry so they don't lag behind. Be sure to take advantage of all the education available through PPA, including free webinars, PhotoVision and PPAedu videos, Super 1 Day workshops and Imaging USA.

PhotoVision: Inspiration From Sue Bryce & Anne Geddes

Have you accessed the new videos from Sue Bryce and Anne Geddes recently posted on PhotoVisionVideo.com?

Watch Sue Bryce's Simplicity: One Window, One Reflector video as she delves into the simplicity of her lighting choices. And listen to Anne Geddes as she reflects on her take of being an artist in You as an Artist.

Remember PhotoVision is one of your PPA membership benefits, so take advantage and share any informational or inspirational topics with your candidates.

Super 1 Day Photo Workshops

Registration is open for the May Super 1 Day photo workshops. Classes will be held around the country from May 8-22 and taught by fellow professional photographers. This will be a great opportunity to gain continuing education units for your recertification.

Share the Goods!
Have you done something noteworthy to promote, educate and/or encourage your peers about certification? Let us know! We are always looking for ways to help CPPs gain visibility, so please connect with Julia Boyd, director of certification at PPA to share your story. You can email Julia at jboyd@PPA.com or call 404.522.8600 ext. 254.

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