About the Industry Advisory Committee

Who Are They?

The Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) is a group of senior-level executives within the photographic industry that gives PPA advice on how to best impact the photography community. The committee may consist of PPA corporate members, or vendors who work with PPA at the discretion of PPA's Board of Directors, but who are not members. Industry advisors are appointed each year to serve a one-year term.

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What Do They Do?

In a nutshell, the IAC provides the PPA Board of Directors with industry perspective on PPA programs and events — and here's how:

At IAC meetings, industry members present PPA staff and board liaisons with information on evolutions within the photography industry. They also give feedback on how PPA is currently serving the photography community and make suggestions on how we could be even better. PPA staff liaisons then presents the IAC's input and suggestions to our Board of Directors, which decides what practices and policies to change, or not change, based on what they receive from the IAC.

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