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Use these PPAedu videos to help you prepare for the International Photographic Competition.

How to Create for Photographic Competition

Competition not only keeps the creative juices flowing; it sets a standard of excellence, it enhances your reputation, and it keeps you in the forefront of your industry. In this class, Michael Timmons shares his tricks of the trade for creating an image for photographic competition. First discuss how to pre-visualize an image, and make the right preparations to capture that vision. Then, explore the concept of subject matter, what works best, and how to ensure the story you are telling comes through in your image. Discuss how to best portray children, men and women, how to pose properly and overall, how to make sure that your images come across as real.

Photographic Competition: Image Preparation

So you've created the perfect image; you've incorporated each of the 12 elements of a merit print. Now what? Never fear, PPA instructor and competition guru, Michael Timmons, is here to take you through the next step: image preparation for competition. Listen as he discusses print and border specifications, uploading digital files, and the specifications for each category. So, get prepared to do some preparation!

Photographic Competition: Why Enter?

Photographic competitions aren't just about the trophies; they're not just about the publicity; they're not just about gaining more clients; they're not just about setting and accomplishing goals. Photographic competitions are about all of this and more! In this class, Michael Timmons shares all the reasons why photographic competitions are good for you and your career.

The Twelve Elements of a Merit Image: Part 1

In this first part of a three-part series, Michael starts his discussion on the 12 Elements of a Merit Print. With the thousands and thousands of images that judges see annually, the 12 elements create a judging standard that is consistent throughout all competitions. Once you understand the standard, you can better create a competition-winning print. You'll begin with a high-level introduction of all elements and how they create an objective measure by which to judge entries. Then, Michael tackles the first four elements: impact, creativity, style and composition.

The Twelve Elements of a Merit Image: Part 2

In Part 2, Michael walks you through the elements of print presentation, center of interest, lighting and subject matter.

The Twelve Elements of a Merit Image: Part 3

In Part 3, Michael walks you through the final 4 elements of color balance, technical excellence, technique and storytelling.

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