Hollywood Glamour February 25 - Illinois
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    Default Hollywood Glamour February 25 - Illinois

    PPA members will earn a merit for this program.

    To register for this program, or for more information, please contact Jackie Haggerty at 309-530-9899 or Jackie@studiojphotography.net

    This 8 hour program is $199 prior to January 31, and $249 after Jan. 31
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    Wish I could come!

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    I wish I could attend also.. I did get to see the Hollywood Lighting with Lou Szoke last week and was very impressed with type of lighting.

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    I've attended both Jackie's and Lou's. I LOVE the look. Jackie uses equipment you already have on hand. Lou said he's updated his equipment needs since a year ago but I'm tellin' ya, they both rock.
    Linda Gregory

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    Having attended this in November, I can tell anyone interested that it was inspiring, educationa and most of all FUN! So, I encourage any considering it to go for it.


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