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    Default CPP study groups

    I know this has been done in the past, wonder if anyone is formulating a group soon?

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    Default I think that Betsy ran one ...

    Hi Cat;

    I'm not entirely sure who ran one before but I think it was Betsy Finn. They met "on-line" on a particular and at the same time every week. I would suggest contacting her.

    Whoever ran them before can probably give you details on how to set one up.

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    Hi Cat-
    Yeah, Betsy did do a study group a couple of years ago. She set me up to do one last year and then life got in the way. I know there are several folks that would be interested, they just need a leader .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diane Davis View Post
    I know there are several folks that would be interested, they just need a leader .
    Thats what I was afraid of!

    Just kidding. I will contact Betsey.

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    Hey I have no life and I'd love to take the test for my re-cert!

    I think Diane should be the leader....do I have a second on that motion?

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    I'll second and third that motion, David! I go to sleep with the Barbara London book every night - but so far, I've yet to actually read it.
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    Hey I heard once that you should put your study book under your pillow the night before a test - then you can absorb all the contents while sleeping and therefore pass the test with flying colors. (Hehe I'm starting to sound like Ron Jackson, I think)

    Hey Cat if you're up for getting a group together in this area (SE Mass) let me know! Are you going to take the test at the PPAM convention this year?
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    Studying Edgar Cayce style, huh? I'm thinking reading might be more effective for most of us.
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    Yes Cassandra, now that I have posted here I guess I am committed to it! Its scheduled for sunday morning but I am thinking friday morning would be more beneficial ;-) and sensible! Do you agree?

    Is Diane in? David, I think you volunteered with the "no life" comment!

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    I'm interested in joining the study group, too. Maybe that will make me set a goal to take the test. :-)
    Erica Larsh

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