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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Massarini View Post
    Hey Michael, DON'T TEMPT FATE !!! You never know. Can you imagine a repeat of San Antonio in Tampa??? It could happen (no one expected to be iced in in San Antonio either). How much were you delayed in San Antonio? we got stuck only one extra day.
    We always stay an extra day at the convention city to take in all the sights, so it was no problem. Wednesday was a bit crazy at our hotel because noone had a place to stay the extra night. I felt sorry for the registration desk that day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Chick View Post
    NOAA has -1° for my area on Thursday night.... Your little plane would be flying real high!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Anne LeBouton View Post
    Leon it's not cold till it has a minus sign in front of it! We predicted to get to about -8 or possibly lower tonight but I've seen worse. The weekend we moved from Minnesota back to Wisconsin 23 years ago it never got above 0 and the lows were around -30 without the wind chill! Now that's cold!
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Massarini View Post
    You think it's cold up there in NH??? Nah, - try 32F and 200% humidity !!!
    This One-upsmanship reminds me of that British comedy group trying to "better" each other as to how poor their family was.

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    Leon, What are you doing responding to this thread when you should be at the Convention PARTY ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
    The best way to gain for yourself is to give OF yourself.
    - - - So get out there and volunteer for something ...

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    We went from below zero last week to 50s this week and a very rare outbreak of tornados Monday in the southern part of Wisconsin. Only the second time in 100 years Wisconsin has had tornados in January. Back to temps in the low 30s and snow today. That's more like it!

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    Left Kansas....in the 50s. Got to Czech Republick....in the 0s and 10s. Got to Tampa...in the 80s. I not only had jetlag, I had weather lag!
    I'm a mess, what do you expect???
    Linda Gregory

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