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    Default PPA Print Competition Mentor Program

    Consultation times still available. Please reserve yours now.
    PPA’s Photographic Exhibition Committee is offering FREE consultations with PPA Juror/Mentors at Imaging USA. Take this opportunity to get personal evaluations of your images. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive information and tips on how to create exhibition-quality images, and get the inside track on attaining merits towards the PPA Master of Photography degree.

    Contact PEC administrator, Jim Dingwell at jdingwell@ppa.com to reserve a time for your review. For times, locations and all the details, click here.
    Gregory Aide
    Production Manager

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    What is needed for a review? Do you have to have 16x20 images or would a small portfolio do? Is this just for people who have entered the competition and want a one on one critique of their submissions or is it for anyone, regardless of whether they entered or not?
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