So i'm finally buckling down and going to my first big photographers' conference/seminar. Since I've never really been to one like this I need some tips. For instance:

What do you bring? I plan on bringing clothes and stuff, yada yada (except for one or two sets of 'fancier' stuff for the nice dinners), but I'm also bringing a small amount of camera equipment and my laptop. Any tips for this or anything in general? I've heard the best deals at the EXPO are at the end of the last day. I plan on buying a lens, a filter, perhaps a meter, and a few other trinkets. I'm going to wait and see what the prices are there, but I don't want to buy on the first day if the last day is cheaper. Also, do most vendors accept debit/credit, or should I bring a checkbook?

Any other tips or suggestions would be appreciated!