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    I, Fuji and other labs in our state have been round and round with the sales tax people. We pay, we charge. They get double dipping. Legislature set this up a few years ago for internet sales and it's not well thought out. I do not pay sales tax for many other items I resell but paper and chemicals? Yeah. I don't get it but can't not pay it.
    Linda Gregory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Gregory View Post
    Insult and injury, I pay sales tax on my paper and chemicals then must charge you a sales tax on it if you live in state and do not hae a sales tax id. If you DO have a sales tax ID, you must again charge your customer sales tax on finished orders.

    Kansas...home of double dippers, looking to be triple dippers. *sigh*
    Florida was like that also. I do understand the chemical part of it because not all of it goes into the final product...but the paper does. WOW, I guess I won't want to live in Kansas anymore.

    As for the use tax, PA does the same thing but if you are buying things like frames, albums, etc. that actually go into the making of your final product to the client, then it is not taxed. But you must add sales tax to your client's invoice. Ultimately, the state gets its share. Bummer but there is not much you can do, other than fire the government and elect different representatives who are not money hungry.

    Yeah, right.

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    Just a quick FYI. The Levin Company will be offering show discounts on their products.

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    Default Think Tank discounts?

    I had to pull out of attending the show. I was hoping that Think Tank would be offering a show special discount on their products - any chance that someone there can find out if they have one and possibly share it with us?


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    I think they were there but unfortunately, the trade show closed at 1:30 yesterday afternoon so it's too late to check for you.

    Sorry you couldn't make it, there was definitely something here for everyone.
    Linda Gregory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Gregory View Post
    Sorry you couldn't make it, there was definitely something here for everyone.
    And for some of us, there were too many things. It was like Supermarket Sweep for me on the last day. I didn't see a booth I didn't want to shop at.
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    Liz, you are SUCh a hoot and a good dancer, too. If only we could keep from giggling so much. Now, I'm NOT the giggly type but Liz'll bring it out in anyone.

    She did do some serious plastic damage but she wasn't the only one. I helped tear down the print display and it was all I could do to keep from 'helping' the vendors by eliminating things they needed to pack by packing it my luggage.. heh.
    Linda Gregory

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