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    Default Judges Critiques at IUSA

    I just visited with Jim Dingwell and he said there are still spots available for the judges critiques at IUSA. For those of you who don't know, this is an opportunity for you to bring up to 10 images (or files on a laptop) and sit down, one on one, with an affliate juror to get input on potential for competition. Or just how to improve if competition is not the goal. I will be critiquing from 1:00 - 5:00 on Monday - so you might want to avoid that time slot. Actually there are 4 critique booths going at all times, so even if you do come then, you can still avoid me if you want to. Anyway if you want to sign up, email Jim Dingwell at

    P.S. Seeing as how I will be tied up from 1-5 on Monday, is there anyone who can volunteer to make sure Holly doesn't take off and go shoe shopping? It's not that I care about the money - it's just that last time that happened we ran out of room in the luggage and she left all my underwear at the hotel!!!!!!!!
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