becoming affiliate school?
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    Question becoming affiliate school?

    Hey guys,
    Does anyone know how school becomes PPA affiliate school?
    Do they have to go through some kind of review process or is it just
    straightforward process by contacting PPA and expressing desire to become affiliate?

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    I think the process is complex. Best source is Marissa at PPA office, as she attends the affiliate school directors meetings twice a year.

    It is not merely asking and receiving. Being from VA, come to New England's school in April, where attendees come from all over country, Bermuda & Canada. I am one of the six trustees, with a director. Check it out: Our line-up is unbeatable.

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    I'm already majoring in photography at Academy of Art University. I want to see if I can make them become affiliate school, or at least try. This way I would get merits for the courses.

    Dolyna - Portrait of a Town
    Documentary photo series of a small town in Ukraine.
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    An affiliate school is one that is affiliated with a state, or regional affiliate chapter of PPA. It is unliekly that your school would ever , in their eyes, lower themselves to the folks who take pcitures of babies and weddings and other images that people buy. They are much more interested in teaching flks how to make poor exposures, and find jobs in the University system, rather than to actually get paid for their craft.

    Sorry,if you are looking for merits, you will need to attend the affiliate school.
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    Hi Victor;

    When you get merits from attending a school, it is generally a one week school like Triangle Institute of Photography in Pittsburgh. We have a great photography school, here in Pa., near Philly - Antonelli Institute of Photography and Art. They are associated with PPA but I don't think you get an merits from even attending and graduating from such an excellent school. You can also get merits, easily, by taking one day Super Monday classes. Colleges and Universities, as Jeff said, are not interested in turning out prof. photographers. They are geared towards turning out avant-garde amateurs. Therefore, I cannot see PPA ever giving affilated status to your school. Go for merits in one week schools and Super Monday courses.

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