PPA Print Competition Mentor Program at Imaging USA
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    Default PPA Print Competition Mentor Program at Imaging USA

    PPA's Photographic Exhibition Committee is offering FREE, one-on-one image/print consultations and reviews with Affiliated PPA Jurors at Imaging USA, in Austin, Texas, January 21-24 2006.

    Take this opportunity to get personal evaluations of your images, a one on one reviews of the 12 elements used to evaluate and score prints and get suggestions of what can be done to improve your skills and business by participating in Print Competition. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive information and tips on how to create Exhibition quality images and get the inside track on how to earn Merits towards the prestigious PPA Master of Photography degree.

    If you are timid about print competition and showing your work then you will value these private, one-on-one, confidential and private meetings with some of the most accomplished, understanding and sharing photographers in the industry.

    The private consultation booths will be located near the International Print Exhibit just outside the Imaging Expo Hall at Imaging USA. Jurors will be available on Sunday, January 22 from 11am-4pm, Monday, January 23 from 11am-4pm and Tuesday, January 24 from 11am-2pm. To reserve a time for your review contact PEC administrator, Jim Dingwell JDingwell@ppa.com.
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    I sent an email requesting a time but I have yet to hear anything back, can you please provide some other details as to what we can do.

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    Default exciting opportunity

    I am feeling very brave today, what size do we need to bring for this 'consultation'? 8x10 or 16x20?
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