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  1. Default I'll Show You Mine & You Show Me Your's

    OK, lets see them. I know we could all search through old threads and maybe find many of the prints from back when we were asking for critiques. Instead though how about posting your "Accepted Prints" for all to see in one easy place? Give some details about your prints too - at least the title and whether it made loan, showcase or general.

    This young lady was one of my two or three favorite seniors from last year. She had a great sence of fashion and was fun to photograph. She had actually scouted out this location and even brought the chair with her! This is my one print to merit this year; it is in the General Collection. The title is "Enchanted Elegance".

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    I'll share my images.... all are in the general collection.

    Whistle Stop

    Secret Garden


    Jackie Haggerty
    M.Photog.Cr., CPP

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    here are my *gasp* four. Still in shock, can you tell?

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    Here are my two -

    Gold Standard - Loan collection

    Who Needs Them Anyway - General

    and Vicki's....

    Hauntingly Familiar - Loan Collection

    I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours - General

    Almost Home - General

    hmmm, guess I don't have this one on my computer
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    Wow! Really great stuff so far!! Linda, not shocking to me at all, those are all so beautiful! And Jackie, I'm surprised that Secret Garden was only general...
    Here are mine, both general (my first PPA merits, yeah!)
    After taking her picture, I decided to do a self portrait in the same style...
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    4 for 4
    lots of hard work the final pay is nice

    Lost Hope General

    Paris on the strip General

    Saturdays bath General

    Centinals Showcase
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    WOW....these are all sooooooo gorgeous and inspiring. This thread is great for someone who has never entered!
    Stacey, my "thing" this summer for my portraits is chairs, I am on the hunt for all types of different ones at the anitque stores, lawn sales and my mom's house too.
    Everyone has some great images so far. Thanks for sharing!
    Be well,
    Stacey Damon, CPP
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    Here's mine:

    Made it into the general collection. It is titled "Equinox".

    Equinox holds a strong personal meaning for me. I shot it March 20th, 2006, the first day of Spring (hence the title). My wife—Pam—had just been diagnosed with leukemia the day before and was beginning her initial induction round of chemotherapy.

    The good news is that she has completed 5 rounds of chemo, has been in remission for 16 months, and has returned to teaching. We still will be watching over our shoulders for some time and hope that the leukemia doesn't return. Should this happen, she will undergo a bone marrow transplant. But, for the time being, life has returned to normal (whatever THAT is).

    Viva la Painter!

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    Stacey, I love everything about that!!! The image alone would be perfect, but I'd love to know how you processed it!

    I love that John! It's like nothing I've seen before. And I'm glad to hear about your wife's remission. Best wishes to you both!

    Stewart, I'd be willing to bet as soon as Saturday's Bath came up that it got a huge reaction! Sitting here, I said "HA" as soon as I saw it!

    These are all wonderful and indeed a great inspiration for those of us who've never entered. Thanks for sharing!
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    Here are mine: "Summers' pick" and "Tennessee Morning". Both Painter images and both loan!
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    Cheri MacCallum
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