CPP vs PPA Certified?
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    Many times I will notice someone including "PPA Certified" next to their name and the rest of their credentials.

    Is that the same thing as the CPP these days? In other words, does PPA Certified = CPP (Certified Professional Photographer)?

    I think I might know the answer to this, but I was trying to explain it to someone and wanted to make sure my facts were straight. I believe the difference is that the "new" CPP is not something that PPA grants, but rather a seperate entity or some such thing which was important for some reason to a certification body of some sort ;-P There, how's that for specifics?!?!

    Now you see why I had to post the question :-) ;-P
    John Heckler, M.Photog, CPP

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    You're right, John, it's not "PPA Certified" anymore. It's actually "PPCC Certified" now (Professional Photographer Certification Commission).

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    Mine is a little different. While I do photograph, my certification is in art/tech, not photography. For me, it reads "PPA Certified". I've never been notified that it was any different.
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