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    Default 1st Competition & Late Entry -- Advise Please

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and my studio has only been open since 11/05. So I guess techniquely I'm still a rookie. I am considering entering a few prints but would appreciate your feedback first. I have 4 versions of this image. 2 are attached now. I'll attach one other one and the original does not include the ghosted background image.

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    Default another version & another entry

    Shall We was an image I capturing during a prom promotional this year.
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    Default Comments ...

    Hi Diana;

    I like the 3rd one posted of the couple since the ghost image is diagonal from the main image. It seems to have very muddy tones ... is there a lot more contrast on the high res file ? You need to make the accent line smaller and with a slightly deeper tone. It is too much now and grabs my eyes. I like the concept a lot.

    On the heart shape couple ... also looks muddy. Part of her far eye is visable. You will get nailed, on a profile, for having anything of the far eye showing. It is difficult to tell - is she pulling on a shirt or vest or tie ? I hope the judges will be able to tell easily. This one is the opposite of the 1st one. You need an accent line around the heart is a tone just bright enough to set it off.

    On the scenic ... what is the center of interest ?

    With the bride - once again it looks muddy. The subject layer is in a good position except I would flip the subject layer so she is facing into the middle instead of out the right side. And you need a grey accent line around the subject layer.

    Good luck

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    Default Reply to comments

    What is best way to size images for posting here? I see that they are definitely not good quality the way I did it.

    The third image is also my favorite. The stroke around the image actually looks much larger in the low res file than it did on the original 16 x 20. The high res files are not "muddy" lots of contrast. Heart shaped image has a red stroke around heart, can you not see it? Also, only her lash edges are visible on the far side. None of her "eye" is visible.

    Guess there is no center of interest in the sunrise image... I'll can it. Are you saying I need to remove the stroke I have around the Tharonn image (which was pulled from colors in bouquet) and change it to grey?

    Thanks for your feed back.

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    Default I post bigger using a net stortage site

    Hi Diana;

    I use Photobucket to post images from. Some have a problem with that site because of copyright issues ... so, I just place my copyright notice on images.

    No, I can't see the red stroke on the heart shape.

    Even eyelashes showing are a no-no. You can take them out in Photoshop.

    For an accent line stroke, I always use the minimum I can use and still see it under "show print size". On a 250 ppi 20X16 that can be anywhere from 3 up to 8 pixels depending on the image.

    The more you compete, the more some things become 2nd nature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiannaAllen View Post
    What is best way to size images for posting here?
    This way works for me:

    1. Open a free account
    2. Post your images there
    3. Go online to the images you've posted there and click on the image you want to post to this forum; this will cause a larger image to display
    4. Right click on the larger image, choose "properties" and then copy the "address"
    5. Back on this forum inside your post click on the "insert image" button, above. It is the fifth button from the right on the bottom row. If you've blocked popups then you will need to allow them.
    6. A dialog box will appear. Paste the "address" you've copied from flickr into the text box and click OK.

    That ought to do it. Hope this helps.
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    I will note for the record that the flickr TOS insist you link to the page, not to the image directly, but I don't know that anyone's been spanked for linking directly.
    Mark Levesque, CPP, M. Photog., Cr. Photog, A.C. Ph., CPP Liaison, PPCC Judge

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    Default New Member Requesting Competition Print Entry advise

    Here is a revised version of Tharonn. I did not like her just flipped to change direction she was looking. It looked awkward. Moved step location....
    Since I only had one member give me any feedback does that mean I should just forget entering. Are the images that bad?

    Here is another one I was considering of a rose.

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    Default Bigger ..

    Hi Diana;

    I'll be glad when you are able to post bigger. It's sort of like years ago when little kids when watch a baseball game through a hole in the outfield fence - they could see it but not very well.

    Ok ... the bride you re-posted: I don't like her at the 2nd quadrant. We read left to right. That's why I mentioned having her at the lower right 4th quadrant and facing back into the center so our view would come in from the left to her. The contrast is much better and the accent line looks good ... as much as I can tell in the small size.

    With the flower ... I love it - just not as presented. To help you I'm posting how I see it. I made it a horizontal and a good bit smaller. I flipped the flower also. I hope my changes help. And I put it on Photobucket so you can get an idea of how big you can post. I could have saved it as a 10X8.

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    Default I like it

    I like the changes to the small name has 2 n's.

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