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    Hey all,
    I'm one of those new to have never entered before. Having read many threads and posts, it has been very helpful, but had at least one more question that I can come up with. I understand that the print needs to be a little darker than the normal viewing print, but how do I know how much darker it needs to be. i.e. I'm in photoshop making adjustments, how do I know how far to go.
    #2) My lab is recommending metallic paper for their comp prints. Does anyone have any experience with this paper? At our last state comp where I sat in on the judging, if there was any metalic used, it wasn't noticable from where I sat.
    Any other advice on what to prepare for in a first comp would be appreciated.
    I'm excited about entering for the experience. Something new to learn by.

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    Default Normal set up

    Hi Scott; I'll address prints first ... as to how dark to print. In print competition, they use Photogenic mini-spots to light the prints. A light meter is used to make sure the light is correct. It is set at ASA 100 for 1 second at F16. The print master, or print chairperson, meters the middle and all four corners of where a print will be seen. It must read the same in all five spots. The best labs for competition are those that own mini-spots and have an area set up to check competition prints. Densities can run 40% deeper than for a client ... or more. One factor is whether it is low-key, middle key, pastel , or hi-key. Also, really good labs at competition have their printers attend print competitions so they can see, and hear first-hand, what judges are saying about prints and how the scores are given.

    As for metallic paper ... we just had a two day photography meeting here in Pennsylvania. There was a folio competition and an 8" x10" competition of images about our state. I saw several folios printed on metallic paper and they were impressive. However, these were done by a Master of Photography. I'd suggest concentrating on learning the "Dirty Dozen" rules of competition first before veturing into more expensive paper.

    D. Craig Flory PPA Certified

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    Thanks for the input. I printed off a copy of the "dirty dozen" a couple of nights ago, and was glad to have found it. I also got an e-mail for our local Idaho PPA, and our local photographers are starting to get together once a month to start reviewing prints and helping out with critiquing prints. It should be a great help. One of those times that being a member of the state PPA has paid off.

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    Unhappy Dirty Dozen?

    ...and just where might a person find this secretive list?
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    for the list of the "dirty dozen', i found it on the post "Competition" and look under the thread "getting (re-started)" It's about the 4th post down.

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    Default Dirty Dozen

    Thanks Scott,
    I found it! How are things in the "City of Trees"?
    Robert J. MacDonald Photography
    "putting emotion in the emulsion."®
    Buhl, Idaho (208) 326-4568

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    Fall is looking great. It's creating some beautiful backgrounds for family portraits.
    Hope all is well in your part of the state.

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