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    Default The Jackie Haggerty Factor

    Jackie, your prints alone are incredible...and that's being addressed on another thread.

    But you exhibited something else equally incredible - and that is all about mindset, goalsetting, expection, stretching yoursef...whatever you want to call it, it's Professional and Impressive...especially as a first-timer.

    This was my first comp series, as well...but my approach was more like a beginner getting their feet wet or seeing how the water felt...purely experimental...with no expectations. Wow. That was shortsighted on my part...

    So, the point: THANK YOU for wildly, wonderfully, uninhibitedly showing all of us newbies HOW TO ENTER COMPETITION!!!!!

    YAY JACKIE!!!!

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    Jackie, I'll second Sue Ellen's comments! If you're goiing to do it, you might as well go for it!



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