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    Here's a better Thought

    How many of you where born with clothes on?

    It's just plain natural

    Now where's my Bombay sapphire martini.

    Oh these are the same moronic law makers that put Explicit Lyrics Label on music
    And increased sales for those albums 3000% now I don't have to guess when buying.


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    Yes the censorship is another issue which may need to be fought at a later date. But today, it is not a top priority.
    It has been said, very wisely, that one should "pick your battles wisely."

    "Picking your battles" really amounts to "picking your battlefield." That is, whenever possible you attack your enemy at a time of your choosing and a place of your choosing, when and where you are strong and the enemy is weak.

    The censorship battle is one of those PPA fights, but OurPPA isn't the battlefield where the PPA is strongest or where the enemy is weakest. It's the wrong place to give the enemy the bird.
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    I dont feel that any of this has to with whether we are ppa members or not, or whether nudity is an artform or not.

    The truth is when we signed up to be on this forum, we agreed to the terms and conditions (you know the one nobody reads). If the forum decides to delete any post with a reference to bacon, well that is the way the forum is run. As long as this site is free for us, (which I am sure is NOT free for the admistrators) then it is what it is.

    Sorry Mike dont agree with your that the "religious stuff" is silly.
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