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Again, I know the management of such a forum is not easy, but it is OURppa, are there ways in place for us to help define how the list is managed? Is our only input to be our vote of President of PPA?

Excellent point....at the outset of this forum, there was this great option with posting on the forum. You may remember it was a poll, where a member could post a "poll" question, where responding members input their answers and the stats were tracked and appeared in graph form... It was really cool...but, hmmm.. for some unexplained reason this function disappeared.. It was a great way to get quick opinions...

But to your point.. yeah, it would be great if this association of members were more of a democracy and could vote on specific issues along the way. As you say, "we get to vote for PPA president", et al.... where I usually don't know enough about anyone to cast a confident vote, but don't get a voice on decisions about print competition rules, gallery posting guidelines, etc...

Let's keep on hoping for more voice from "the people"!