Image Portfolio Judging Dates?
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    I thought I saw the dates for when the portfolio images are being judged but now I can't find it. Can anyone point me to them?

    The portfolio judging does have specific dates right, or am I mixing that up with something else?

    Seems like I remember May 9th as the next "due date" for portfolio submission?

    And we send the prints/DVD/transparencies to:

    Photographic Certification Commission
    Attention: Marisa Pitts
    229 Peachtree Street, NE Suite 2200
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    Is that still correct?

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    Default You asked and ...

    Hi John;

    I looked it up for you. At the top are the posted exam dates, and locations. (note ... I am giving it April 22nd) and the image submission dates at the bottom. Those are the dates the images must be at PPA and NOT the dates they are actually reviewed. So the next image review deadline is May 4th.

    Exam & Image Review Dates
    Certification Exam Dates
    March 31 Ocean Shores, WA
    Gary Jentoft
    April 22 Camp Hill, PA
    Craig Flory
    May 21 Marksville, LA Don Daigrepont
    June 14 Shawnee, OK Glen Cope
    June 25 Kerrville, TX Les Lopez
    October 14 San Antonio, TX Les Lopez
    Candidates must contact the Service Center at 800-786-6277, at least five days prior to an exam to reserve a space. Picture identification is required upon arrival at the testing site. *For Liaison contact information please reference the list of state liaisons.

    Certification Image Judging Dates
    Date Due to Office

    2nd Quarter Review - May 4, 2007
    3rd Quarter Review - August 3, 2007
    4th Quarter Review - October 5, 2007

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    Sheesh, thanks Craig ... went back out to the certification site and found it right away ... not sure how I spaced on finding that initially ... *sigh*

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