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    Default Ahhh, The Hail Mary print case

    Hello Friends,

    I must confess, I sent a Hail Mary print case (not JUST the container but with a collection of 4 prints) to my regionals (scarry) mostly out of poor planing and no execution and party (very small part) because I'm kinnda low on print comp funds right now!

    It was just too hard having a case at WPPI, State and Regionals all right about the same time.

    So anyways, I sent merit images that I had from previous local comps just to see if anything sticks. I do have the "intention" of actually working on the real case for nationals ahhh maybe sometime in May.

    Anybody feel me on this? Anybody else want to confess and share your "excuses"? Any advice to noobies about the good ol Hail Mary case? Is there a point when one should stop sending in what they think a weak case is just so that people wont remember their low scores?
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    -Marc Benjamin, M. Photog. Cr. F-PPC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Benjamin View Post
    Is there a point when one should stop sending in what they think a weak case is just so that people wont remember their low scores?

    No way Dude!
    I sent one print back three times before it got a seal. Merits is merits.

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    So tell me. Is there a specific case and what's the difference. Do you get judged on your case?

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    Hey Ron,

    No, case meaning a collection of 4 prints. Not the actual case as in container though I'm sure I could get high score on a case (container) if it were to be scored. I have a kindda new 20x24 Tenba w/ the PPA logo embroidered on the front.

    Ha ha
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    The "case" is just the thing you send your prints in. It's shorthand for My prints I sent to judging. At a regional print competition your allowed up to four prints in a case. Some times people will only send one two or three because they don't think they have four that have a good chance of earning a merit. I recommend always putting four prints in a case. Of my eight merits two came from prints that I didn't think would merit at national or regional because they didn't score 80 or above at local competitions. The one I sent three times scored 81 at a local but took three trips to national to finally get a merit. This is that grey area between 78-81. Many prints with 78-79 at local still have a chance with a different panel of judges and many 80-81 prints might not make it with another panel of judges. That's why the 78-81 prints are automatically reviewed, if a print scores 82 or above it's a pretty safe bet at any competition.

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    So David was the three peat the same print or did you keep making a new one every year?
    -Marc Benjamin, M. Photog. Cr. F-PPC

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    Same print, I got lucky and it came back in good shape every year. I have remade prints based on comments at local judgings and it did make a difference. I had one print that scored a 77, I think. Croped differently it got a merit at national. This was one of the unexpected merits I mentioned. Definetly don't give up on a print if you believe in it. Just keep hoping it will find a panel that shares your vision.

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    THAT's my problem... I just haven't found the right set of judges who share my same 'vision' (laughs out loud).

    Sometimes I feel like every case is a Hail Mary case. Let's throw it all on the wall and see what sticks!! Although, I've got some 79's sitting in a case that, if I really felt inclined, could probably squeek through a few more points if I snazzy'd them up a bit.

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    You'd be surprised Heather,
    Back when they still gave scores at national, I had a print score a 96 at a local and it got an 80 at national.

    My other surprise merit came from a print that scored a 78 at state, I didn't change a thing about it. I just put my four highest scores from state into my national case and that one stuck to the wall.

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    I'm full of angst right now trying to get MY case filled for HOA next weekend. I have one print from last year that got the dreaded 79....should I or shouldn't I---it will have to be reprinted because of deep scratches in the laminate.

    I have had a mantra today...."I AM a good photographer" I AM a good photographer"

    I am, I just am a harsh judge. That, and last year I had such fun entries and knew nothing of what comp expectations really were. Now with two merits and lots of studying, all my stuff falls short in my estimation.

    Once everything is printed, I'll start to have fun again!

    So Marc, send 'em in. I'm hoping I'll get the Loan book as well as the Showcase book next year (one in the showcase book, none in Loan this year)
    Linda Gregory

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