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    Does this image have potential? I know the lighting is definitely less flat, but is the bright girl on the dark background ok?

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    This is pretty dang cute Valerie! I think the lighting is nice. The drapping in the background draws my eye some ... maybe crop that out and go with a long slender composition with lots of head room? Love the title and think it fits well. Her right shoulder is a little hot.

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    Default Coffee ...

    Hi Valarie;

    Pretty soon you will be the one offering advice.

    I'm posting how I see this image. I made a step-mount with her much smaller ... on the 2nd quadrant. I cropped and made an oval. I deepened it also.

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    Thank you Craig and John.... off to work on these. I will repost tonight for further critique.

    This last image actually came from a client session last Saturday- I am trying to listen and improve. I have two this weekend so maybe I will be able to fill my case with some from those. :-) Thanks to all of you for reigniting the learning mode- I feel like its really improving my work and creativity- which is really my goal in competition...

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    Default My attempt...

    It doesn't look quite the same- my stroke is a bit darker and I pulled the background from the floor color instead of true black. CC?

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