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    Hi Karen,
    I just looked at your slide show and some of those images are just gorgeous. A couple of things that occurred to me while looking was that many of the bride and groom together are dead center. Now I know that these are not supposed to be competition images, but I don't think they have to cropped for submission exactly the way the client purchased them. Anyway, yes I think the family portraits might have had some negative influence. It's so hard to do large families. Some of the heads are stacked, and in one, a childs face is barely visible. One thing I did notice was that there was facial shine from your fill flash--at least that is what it looked like on my monitor. I have more comments, but didn't note the numbers of the images. I should go back and look again.

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    Thanks Auralee....yes, the cropping was the big thing that I've been told I need to change. I started with the raw uncropped files on all those images, and cropped as I would for a client, just like the directions said! Now I'm being told that isn't the way to do it, that I should crop more for print comp, rule of thirds, etc. So I am in the process of recropping now. I appreciate your help.

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