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Thread: Finals for comp

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    Default Finals for comp

    I think these are ready to be printed. I thought I'd post them for one last chance for someone to tell me if there's anything that should be changed, and also any suggestions on titles. I'm posting them with the titles I've decided to use, although a couple of them are "ify". I will post my 4 in this post, and Vicki's 4 in the next.


    Gold Standard

    Built on Memories

    Who Needs them Anyway

    Sara's got a Secret
    Lori Clapp
    Will I EVER know how to use what I learn?

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    Default Vicki's

    I'll Show you Mine if you Show me yours

    Hauntingly Familiar or If these walls could talk

    Almost Home

    Anywhere but here
    Lori Clapp
    Will I EVER know how to use what I learn?

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    I love "who needs them anyway" and my vote is "hauntingly familiar". Not much help on critiquing the images but my two cents on titles, I love titles.

    is "Sara's got a Secret" one of your iffy ones? I have to say it did make me look at it twice because I wanted to figure out what her secret was. LOL... but maybe its my turn to put down the drinking.... hahahaha.....

    On the hitchhiker I just wanted to say what a big improvement from the first time I saw it... lurking of course... :-)

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    The first car image is cropped too tight from the bottom. I looked at my monitor three times for the image to finish loading. Can you put a little more in to make it feel more complete?
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    Wow Lori, I really like them all. Your final version have very nice art work. LOVE the 1st car, really like the Hauntingly Familiar, the little girl is VERY cute ... oh yeah, and Built on Memories ... love the art work there too.

    Well done, you should do well with these ... in my unqualified opinion.

    Are you entering these at Mid East or another state comp?

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    Love the images a LOT, though I think "Sara's Got a Secret" is the weakest one, as someone said already. Did I mention I LOVE the rest? LOVE EM LOVE EM!!! Wishing-they-were-mine-love-em!!
    Jackie Haggerty
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    Hey everyone - thanks so much for all your thoughts! And thanks for the compliments - although I can't take the credit for the artwork - I think 99.9% of what I've done to them is at Keith and Holly's suggestion, plus a few tips from others!

    We are entering our state comp. It's the first one for both of us. We will let you know how we did - thanks again!
    Lori Clapp
    Will I EVER know how to use what I learn?

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    Lori Just a couple more things, On Who Needs Them Anyway Warm it up a bit and bring her shadow down to take that light spot behind her out. I desaturated the back fold of the dress at the hem and the waist to get the orangeish yellow bleed of color from the background out of it. I then used the dodge tool Highlights to lighten the folds of the dress and bunnies ear. Then dodge midtones and gently bring out her face a wee bit . Then Take the whole image down in levels, blacks to 5, Midtones .90, leave whites alone. I then custom vingette to give it more of a diagonal lighting line. In PS this looked good and rich after Photobucket to here it looks a little too red. You have to decide on your monitor with the high res file.

    Sara's Got a secret, You need to retouch (I would use the healing brush) the blemish on her cheek on her right side. There is also a blurred dark crease line from the corner of her mouth on her right side as well, I would dup the layer, use the patch tool to remove it, then lessen the opacity of the dup layer to bring it back very gently. Flatten. Use burn highlights to knock down the highlights on the pillar behind her. Some of her skintones look a bit blurred on the low res file leaveing it a bit uneven. Check the high res and see if they show. Their lookin good!!
    Good Luck Lori and Vicki
    Keith A. Howe
    M.Photog.,M.Artist, Cr.,D.F.Ph.

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    Thanks Keith - I'll be working on these some more tomorrow!

    Thanks everyone!
    Lori Clapp
    Will I EVER know how to use what I learn?

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    As I was finishing uploading my last comp prints to the lab, I looked at yours, and man, I now feel totally deflated, because yours are FABULOUS! Way to go! I *love* Who Needs Them Anyway!

    Liz Vance, Cr. Photog, CPP
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    bellies. babies. beautiful.

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