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    Default 6 for your thoughts...

    Hate the placement on this one but am really stuck for what to do..

    Bright Eyes to the Future

    Inner Thoughts


    The One That Got Away (Hopefully you can see it this small...)
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    Dancing Around Daddy's Finger

    Next in Line (???? other suggestions....)

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    Val, I like these - but I will let the experts critique them for you - I just wanted to say that on the ballerina one, when I first looked at it, it looked like it was the same girl - a young version of her in the back, and then 2 more faded image of her stepping into who she is now. Then I realized it's a row of girls standing there!
    Does anyone else see this or should I look later when I haven't been drinking?
    Lori Clapp
    Will I EVER know how to use what I learn?

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    That's what I saw when I first glanced at it... they aren't even related that I am aware of. To beat everyone to the critique- I noticed a spot to camera left I need to burn. It's the edge of the stage scenery. Ooops.

    Other possible titles- Waiting in the Wings? Lined up to Be Her? I don't know...

    I played with the one that I hate the placement... Not sure I am there yet, but I like this one better....

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    Drink or no, you've got it right!

    I agree the others look like they're faded in to be her. I also thought (not for competitiion) the little girl twirling on Daddy's finger was the girl now all grown up!

    Nice work. Anxious to hear what others have to say.
    Linda Gregory

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    I like the new matting on the little girl. The dad and baby are my favorites, with the little girl twirling on her dads finger next.

    Nice job.

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