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  1. Default Love Takes Center Stage - final

    Ok, I'm going to send this to the lab ... I have spent too much time on this and at this point just want to be done ... but ... give me any last minute thougths if you feel compelled, thanks!

    I am using WHCC also and hope I have the density set correctly. I took Keith's advice and adjusted levels to .85 which I thought looked good. I then masked out the levels adjustment in some of the shadows.

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    I'm still partial to the pink tint you started with - but I love it and I think you will do great with it! Good luck!

    And what would we all do these past few weeks without Keith to help us get these prints ready?? Thanks Keith! And all the others who have helped us!
    Lori Clapp
    Will I EVER know how to use what I learn?

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    Yes, and thanks Holly, D Craig, Jeff, Mark, and all the others who have commented, suggested titles, etc ... Much appreciated!

    I'm 2 down and 2 to go for putting on the final touches and sending to the lab. If I get them back and don't like them, I might be able to squeeze one more trip to the lab before they have to be at PPO Mid East Feb 28th.

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    OUTSTANDING! Sorry for yelling. I love it.

    "Because Memories Are For Generations"

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    Default I'm a little late but what the heck!

    Why not this way?
    -Marc Benjamin, M. Photog. Cr. F-PPC

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    I vote for Marc's version - that light spot was really bugging me
    Lori Clapp
    Will I EVER know how to use what I learn?

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    Yea - keith and I wondered why he choose not to artwork that light area. Keith ahd suggested it be fixed several days ago - but we figured John had his reasoning.

    Holly Howe M.Photog., Cr.

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    Well, I must admit I do like it better without the light area, but it was "real" and gives the image some directional light ... but you guys are better at this than I am ... maybe I'll remove it.

    Mark, did you just cut-and-paste from the left side and flip it? It ends up duping the bush on the left to the right which almost starts to look too symetrical, if that is possible, no?

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    Ok, now I am freakin' out ... do I really need to remove the light on the back of the stage on the right?

    I liked the light on the stage because I felt it helped emphasize that there was directional light in the scene, but I know nothing when it comes to print competition ... is it going to hold me back?

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