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    Default I really like

    this image

    and Holly's titles (yeah, Mark...your's too

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnHeckler View Post
    Keith, I REALLY like what you did to the image as far as cleaning up all the details. Do you really like the blue? I kinda did at first, but when I attempted the toning I applied, I thought it gave it a real classic feel, no?

    Also, whenever I do that much cloning to my images, it seems as though the print quality takes a serious nose dive. Is that part and parcel with that kind of editing or do I still have WAY more learning in Photoshop ahead of me?
    I can't answer the toneing as I am in omaha with my father in the hosp. With this laptop screen I can't see the toneing. I was working this image very fast so the sky is not quite right but it gives the idea. There is not a lot of cloneing done here, and yes a lot of cloning is usually easy to pick up on under the lights. This image would require a lot of work and the PS would need to be done very well but I do like the title and the potential here. I personally believe there is a merit in this image.
    To fix the pavilion I dup the layer and flipped it then erased and lined up. I use the clone to fix the power lines just at the edges where it touches the white. Then I used the patch and healing brush to remove the rest of the lines. To put in the bush grass in the forground, I selected the lone clump and pasted and moved them in and around. Then I used the healing brush to fix and remove the trash and leaves in the forground. You may want to copy and patch the outer corners of the walls from another part of the image??? This is where art work will be the easiest to pick out. Oh on the pavillion when I flipped it there is a dark part of a light that is the same on both sides, take this dark part off on one side.
    Good Luck

    Keith A. Howe
    M.Photog.,M.Artist, Cr.,D.F.Ph.

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